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In the Notifications screen, you can turn notifications off completely by tapping On at the top of the screen shown. After you tap On, the green slider and green ON slider change to a gray slider and a gray OFF slider, and the rest of the options on the screen are disabled.

If you keep notifications on, you can change five different notification settings. When you tap Manage Notifications in the list, you see the Notifications screen that you saw when you first set up your Galaxy S2. Swipe up and down to view all the apps on the Gear S2 that will give you notifications on your smartwatch. You can turn off notifications for an app by tapping the check box to the left of the selected app icon; when you do so, the check box turns white.

If you want to turn on notifications for an app, tap the white check box to turn the check box green and add the white check mark.

Galaxy Tab S2: How do I change the App notifications on my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2?

If you prefer to receive notifications from all your apps, tap the All check box at the left side of the orange menu bar that appears at the top of the screen. Are you itching to learn more about notifications? You can bookmark this page, and then return here all ready to learn how to you can limit notifications. Tapped Out The Simpsons: February - last edited February Hi there I realise this question has been asked Me too. Message 1 of 5 14, Views. Reply 0. March I have the same issue.

There is a thread here on this: Message 2 of 5 14, Views.

Galaxy S7 & Edge: Turn Off Notifications for Emails, Text Messages, & Calendars

June There is a solution.. Open up the game..

View Notifications

Once yu r in your neighborhood , tap the menu with the hammer that shows decorations and building options.. Once that little window pops up, tap the little i that's right beside the little camera and the options for sound r there.. Uncheck push notifications and viola! Hope this works!!

Notification Options on Your Gear S2 - dummies

Message 3 of 5 13, Views. December No it does not work, Homer is still shouting alot, only half of the notifications are turned off but its better than nothing I guess Message 4 of 5 5, Views. March Try going to Settings - Volumes - Notifications and turning the sound right down on all notifications. Message 5 of 5 1, Views.

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Incoming email notification

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