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  1. SingTrue: The app which can teach anyone to sing in tune
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  3. Can an App Really Teach You to Sing?

Really useful tool! This app is incredibly useful both to the beginner and to the pro singer. The pitch target practice game particularly is very revealing! Fantastic app for learning how to sing. Download Now. Easy to use and makes a difference. Great way to practice your singing. I hope they keep coming more challenging. Really great.

It does exactly what its says its helped find better singing technique naturally and i can find my tone in which i sing and its helped me with notes. Fun app. Good app. Usefull app. Grymt effektiv och enkel. I just got this app today and already can feel and hear an improvement in my pitch. This a great app that any singer would want to help with pitch control and voice. Well structured app that is good for the beginner but not annoying for people that understand music. What would be good. Incredibly helpful!! I Love It! Really like it. A great way to build confidence in singing!

I am enjoying each lesson. It is like playing a game and you are your own competition! A nice way to improve pitch and tone!

2. iRhythmic

Progressif et utile. A ce stade permet de travailler mon oreille avec des exercices progressifs et courts. Fun and helpful. Very engaging and helpful. Great app! I love this app so much it has helped me tremendously! This is a real review from a REAL person. Some on here may not be but this one is.

Muy buena. This wonderful app is a joy. It gives you the pitch you sing most comfortable in! I like it and recommended for my beginner praise team singers. Love this app. Really helps with strength and sustain on notes, and it goes at your pace.


So far so good. I am just getting started with this app but so far it is proving to be helpful. Well structured. Great fun and good practice. I love it. So far this app is giving me feedback that I can use so it is meeting my needs. I will continue to use it. Love it!

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Very nice app. Loving it! Great app. Great music app. I have tried many music apps over the last few years. This is one of the best. My level. I tried a number of learn to sing apps and most of them were either way too hard or simply boring. I love that this app starts at my level and goes at my pace. Easy to use and helpful exercises. Keep adding to it!

Expand and make it bigger! I Really Like But…. Fun and useful. A good combo of visual and audio, great feedback and lots of opportunities to practice. The Best!!! Really do encourage to use!! Fun way to learn to sing. I enjoy using this app; I just have to keep using it in order to improve my thinking. Not a singer…. Like the feedback I get. Helps me find and hold tones. Tracks progress. Good thus far.

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Kiinnostava lauluappi. More modules please! I think this app is going to do the jobb once there will be more modules. I went through this is a day. Sing True. Pace of learning is controlled by success. Awesome App! Great potential. Awesome app! Strongly recommended to anyone interested in developing their voice and musician ears. Lots of fun and very easy to get started with. Give it a try — you might be surprised at how good you are!

I play multiple musical instruments and recently joined a mariachi. I really hope this app trains me to be able to sing and tune by ear. Great and fun app. Great jobs guys. Looking forward to the next modules. I love how the training is split into three parts ear, mind and voice and how it works progressively. Now I know…. I would recommend. Easy to use, fun and genuinely useful! Fantastic singing aid! Really great app.

SingTrue: The app which can teach anyone to sing in tune

Love that you can see exactly how you improve as you go through the levels. Definitely recommend this to anyone who worries at karaoke time!

Midlife Singing Revival. Simple and fun! Great app for training yourself to sing. I really enjoyed taking the quiz and training myself in how to improve my singing. There really is an app for everything! Revert to standard pricing. Hello, We noticed you're browsing in private or incognito mode. Not a subscriber? Subscribe now for unlimited access to online articles. Subscribe today. Why we made this change Visitors are allowed 3 free articles per month without a subscription , and private browsing prevents us from counting how many stories you've read. Apps try to teach everything from Spanish to guitar, but not everyone benefits.


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Can an App Really Teach You to Sing?

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