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Cortana Cortana's Notebook. To open Cortana's Notebook. Live Apps are apps with Live Tiles that deliver updates and new info to your Start screen. Some can even show updates on your lock screen. Find them in the Windows Phone Store. Get personal. Get app recommendations tailored to your likes; in the Windows Phone Store, swipe over to For [your name]. Mighty multitasking. Keep your place in a game while you check email? No problem. Just press and hold the Back. Internet Explorer 11 for Windows Phone Search on a webpage. To find a word or phrase on a webpage, in Internet Explorer.

Calendar Swipe through reminders. When more than one calendar reminder pops up on your phone, swipe over to read, snooze, or dismiss them one by one. Let folks know you're nearly there. To send a quick email letting other meeting attendees know you're running late, in the App list, go to Calendar. To send a contact card via email, NFC Tap to share , text message, or Bluetooth, in People , swipe over to Contacts , tap a contact, and then tap More.

Email Dictate a reply. Replying on the fly? Tap Speak. Word Flow keyboard Word suggestions. Give those fingers a rest—the Word Flow keyboard can predict the next word in your sentence. As it learns your writing style, it'll make better predictions. Faster, more fluid typing. With Word Flow with shape writing, you can type words with just a few swipes across your keyboard. In the App list, go to Settings. Calling Eyes on the road. Use Driving Mode to cut down on distractions while you're behind the wheel.

You can even send automatic replies to people who call or text when you're driving. Ignore with a text. Can't pick up? Just tap one of the preloaded text message replies to let folks know you'll get back to them.

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You can also set up a custom reply. Copy and paste a number. Copy a phone number from somewhere else on your phone. To paste it, tap Phone. Messaging Look, no hands. Have Speech read your incoming text messages aloud over Bluetooth, a wired headset, or through the phone's built-in speaker—then reply using just your voice. Get an Xbox Music Pass so you can search Xbox Music for the song you want, then stream it to your phone.

Create a playlist. Like what you're hearing? In Music. Office Mobile Collaborate on a doc.

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Working on a report or presentation with a colleague? Use OneDrive to share the doc, then pin it to Start to keep tabs on the latest draft. Note it quick.

Use OneNote Mobile to make shopping or to-do lists, then check off your chores one by one. You can even sync them with OneDrive and share them. New notes from Start. The Pin new to Start setting in OneNote lets you open a new note from your Start screen with a single tap—no need to dive into a notebook first. In OneNote. In the App list, go to Photos. More tips Find your phone. Go to account. Flash your Wallet. Uninstall the app you are having a problem with, restart your device, then reinstall the app to see if that helps.

How to fix wifi icon on Windows 8.1 [Icon not showing]

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Know your Windows Phone 7 icons in Status Bar

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List of screen icons : Microsoft Lumia 535

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Microsoft Lumia - List of screen icons - Safaricom

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