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To activate voicemail call from your mobile. If your phone diverts to a disconnected tone: Try cancelling and re-activating your diversions, as the number it is diverting to may be incorrect. If the above quick codes do not work on your mobile: Code to dial. Adjust ring time. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More.

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Dialing voicemail rings the police - help! Show only OP. Jun 16, at Oct 18, Posts: Royston, Herts.

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She rarely gets voicemails but she got one a couple of weeks back and Tesco sent her an automated notification to listen to it. This includes an auto link.

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However, when she clicks on it it actually dials and we get treated to the panic-inducing message about being "put through to Hertfordshire Police". She has to manually dial the voicemail number. Strangely, the voicemail entry in her phone is set to the correct number but if you dial it, I spent a good hour or so going through her phone to try and see what was happening but cannot find anything. The entries are correct, no call forwarding rules, etc. Everything seems to suggest voicemail is but it still dials , as do any automated notifications.

It took me a few days to discover that while I could make calls I was not receiving any, they were going straight to voicemail. Turn off 4g and the calls worked fine again.

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I couldn't be bothered to ring O2 about it as I use wifi when at home so the 4g is of no bonus to me but in answer to your question, yes, I have noticed a loss of signal recently. Edited by Sixpackpert on Monday 8th September I spoke to the head of network planning from Vodafone on Friday and she assured me that there was no coverage difference between being on an MVNO and on Vodafone.

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I've a clear indication that EE is reducing 3G coverage to promote 4G. Interesting, does anyone know if it is the iPhone or the network that can force a phone to drop a 3g connection and revert it to gprs when in a standby mode? The lack of signal does mean that I can now never receive calls when at home.

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I'm with Tesco too, I use a Nexus 4. My 3G is fine, but just fine. Sometimes it's gone for no apparent reason. I'm in central London at the minute, and it's even a bit hit and miss here. I always assumed it was the phone, as my wife has no issues with her Moto G also on Tesco. Lobsta 12, posts months.

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Service down etc. Check Downdetector when she has the drop outs and she is not alone.

Dialing voicemail rings the police - help!

Got to the point where it is happening so often we are going to jump ship but it is PAYG, faff to take the number but not impossible. Interesting - I live in a village outside Cambridge and the signal is s t and I find that generally around Cambridge it is s t. I have just come back from a holiday in Northumberland and I had no signal for the entire week, I nearly had to use a pay phone to contact somebody. I was told that Vodafone is the choice up there. So if I understand this thread right the signal will get worse as they are changing over to 4G masts - This is absurd, surely if you choose not to have 4G as it don't need it you can at least have 3G on the same mast?

Why don't all f the providers use the same frigging masts!