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The app contains a filter of all its categories, which include color, comedy, graffiti, universe, music, etc. To use any photo as wallpaper, you simply click the save button, which saves your selection to the photo library of your iPad. In your photo library, select the image you want to save, tap the arrow button on the right side of the library. This will present you the option to use your selected image as your iPad wallpaper. Tap the arrow button which will take you to your photo library, from which you can select an image for iPad wallpaper use.

Free Walls is another elegant collection of about images, ranging from nature to cars, and various graphic designs. Romantic Papers is a collection of romantic images that look like romance cards. Some images include a poem or romantic title. This app was originally developed for the iPhone and iPod touch, so the resolution of some images may not look as sharp on the iPad.

10 Best Wallpaper Apps for iPhone: 12222 Edition

But this should not keep you from downloading this free app. I would pay money for this!! It's so hard to choose which one to make my main screen. Awesome app!!!!! Become a Diamond Member today to get Diamond level support, all unlocked content, and all ads removed. Subscription Terms: Payment is charged to your iTunes account. Unused portion of free trial is forfeited after purchase.

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Modernized our Application Icon. Let us know what you think!

15 Free Wallpaper Apps for iPhone & iPad

All Collages are now Unlocked for all members. Get Inspired at the time you specify. Added a shortcut button to access Cool and Live Wallpapers directly from the top toolbar. Previously, you had to go to the Menu panel. More Inspirational Quotes. Optimized memory and speed when loading Live Wallpaper videos.

Fixed issues on iPad and iPad pro when viewing Live Wallpapers.

Best Free Wallpaper Apps IOS 10: Five Wallpaper & Live Wallpaper Apps iPhone 7, iPad , iPod

Application name is now showing correctly as Kappboom. Correctly handled Unsupported Devices and also allows you to hide the prompt forever. Fixed a crash that is caused by scrolling too quickly on Live Wallpapers. Had the ad free version and all was fine. Good images and variety. Now they have become high corporate types I guess and changed the deal.

To have full access you need a Diamond subscription or you get ads. As an example, for the new content, the first images are locked! After that, many, many are locked. That is wrong in my opinion. Hi Telescope, First of all, That was a bug that caused a lot of Diamond content to appear all at once, and we just fixed it.

Our server developer accidentally checked in code that was just rolled back. Just a Correction: It's basic tiered level servicing. To our Diamond members--and we do have a lot of Diamond members supporting us at the annual subscription--we do our best to provide the highest level content.

But, we also allow non-Diamond members to unlock the content. In those cases, our Sponsors would pay to unlock the content. However, we limit how often non-Diamond users can do so, to prevent some users from, unfortunately maliciously abuse our system, which some have done. As you've mentioned, we have grandfathered in the old IAP that we actually deprecated in favor of the Diamond tiered system.

The 4 Best Free Wallpaper Apps for Your iPad

We do try hard to maintain legacy frameworks, even though it's not cost effective for us, and takes a lot of time and coding effort. In any case, as much as we'd like to keep everything free, we do have real costs to pay: None of this comes free to us. As I've mentioned, we work really hard day and night to serve our Diamond users, and non-Diamond users too. But yes, we do have a tiered level service, and we really treasure and work much harder for our Diamond users.

We know full well that Diamond users support us with hard-earned cash--we talk to them over email almost every day. But it doesn't mean we left non-Diamond users in the cold. Although we could have just not allow unlocking at all, we spent a lot of time brainstorming and implementing different iterations of unlocking that is least intrusive and least egregious to end users. You should see what the other competitors do.

I got this app years ago, I loved this app, the pics are gorgeous. I even paid to have the adds removed for a cleaner viewing experience. They used pretty words and said that they had costs, etc. Dear Joe-king, Thank you for the review. Yes, we remember the email that you sent us. There were some very harsh words from you, claiming that we've done some drastic actions that we did not do. It was a shame to witness that because we tried very hard over the years to bring inspirational content, at our cost, since Furthermore, we did reply to your email thoroughly.

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We logged in remotely to answer you, even during the holidays when everyone left the office, and spent a long time writing that email. We hope that it helped you understand that you can use the "Restore" feature to "grandfather" the ad removal, outside of the pretty wording. We also even explained that if that restore feature didn't work, that we would get on top of this right away. Happy holidays. I have loved using this one the most! I used this one the this one most out of all 3!

Holidays are fun to place on your background. Enjoy Holidays? Birthdays, Seasons and or very Scenic Pictures can be found! Motorcycles or Cars? They have them!

Wallpapers, Live and Cool

Or say you like certain colors or Abstract pictures this has enough to change your Background as often as you like! App Store Preview. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. Description The 1 Ranked and Best Wallpapers app with over , beautiful and cool wallpapers at your fingertips! By popular demand, the first screen is back to Cool Wallpapers. Live Wallpapers was quite slow to load since it loaded all Live Wallpapers at once. Now, they're loaded in pages to minimize the number of loads.

Added More Live Wallpapers. An Unlock Recharge reminder is scheduled after an unlock to remind you when another unlock is recharged. Fixed misaligned text on the Menu Panel. Updated dependencies to make the app more stable. First version of an updated App Icon. This one emphasizes the K in Kappboom. Category and Search features on Live Wallpapers.