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Number is a fairly good caller ID app which gets the job done. The app does a great job of identifying unknown numbers and the spam call blocking was also on par with some of the best apps on this list. One of the good things about this app is that you can predefine conditions which allow you to block calls from specific users, area coder, or even an entire country.

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This feature comes in very handy to block international spam calls which normally filter through most of the caller ID apps. The app also brings all the other usual features including the ability to search for unknown numbers, call blocking for specific numbers, and more. Android , iOS free 6. Callblock Callblock is a simple call blocking app for iOS devices with its headlining feature being the ability to block spam calls. Do note that this is not a caller ID app which means that it cannot identify unknown numbers.

However, its call blocking feature is one of the most robust I have seen in any app and hence it made the list. If you receive a ton of spam calls and none of the callerID apps mentioned on this list along with Truecaller are making any difference, you should install this app. Caller ID As its name suggests, the app can identify calls and show you photos and names of unknown callers. The biggest feature of this app is its ability to sync with social media profiles.

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That means you will receive much more information on unknown numbers using this app than either Truecaller or any other caller ID app on this list. I recommend that you use this app as a backup, as for contacts it has the data on, you can get better information.

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Other features of the app include the ability to block spam calls, availability checker, and more. All the apps mentioned on this list work fairly well and can replace Truecaller.

Do check the list out and let us know which is your favorite caller ID app for India by writing in the comments section below. No need to install its app. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. LOG IN. As the developer reveals, the directory is packed with more than million searchable contacts. And even while your handset is buzzing with an unknown number, you can be sure that this interesting software will display the details of the person on the other end. It also lets you add birthdays and photos to your phone-book, all thanks to the social integration with LinkedIn and Facebook.

And all it takes is just one touch of the respective widget to access your history, number searches and contacts.


It can even be extended to an area code or any country in the world. This innovative program also proffers reverse lookup for mobile as well as landline numbers. The software even provides a deeper insight to businesses scattered across the US. Now while the first 20 lookups can be conducted without shelling out a single penny, you would require to part ways with just under a dollar for 20 more lookups.

Now, the free version proffers only 5 lookups for you to try. Which can take care of all the unidentified calls and keep you off from the frustration. Truecaller comes in dead last in privacy, however, 1st in accuracy. Its benefits include superior style, nice practicality, and high identification accuracy.

Top 10 Best FREE Caller ID Apps for Android 12222

Overall, it will specify what it claims to do: On top of that, Truecaller even offers iOS compatibility. However, Truecaller comes with a price: Yet another admired app is Hiya. Hiya is a caller ID app that simply identifies real calls and blocks text messages and numbers. Hiya has a information of many phone numbers and its key options include call block, blacklist unwanted messages and phone numbers, spam alerts, reverse phone search.

This is again associate the awesome app with a clean and neat style. Caller ID app is available in 15 languages that makes it even additional usable for folks across the world. One more app that deserves to be in top 5 call identification apps is Whoscall. Simple blocking of unidentified numbers is feasible with Whoscall. It has a information of million users and permits block of spam, unwanted, marketing calls and bot calls.

6 Best Android Caller ID Apps - TechShout

It comes with complete support for contact management for Android. It is simple to use and totally customizable app that offers users easy access. Users will simply access calls, contact, favourites and groups.